Mthobi Tyamzashe, Chairman, Vodacom Foundation: “The Vodacom Foundation has found Quo Vadis to be very professional and customer-focused in their work. It has always been a pleasure to deal with them in the range of work they have done for us, which includes both the written word and media events.”




Two-day writing course taking place Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 September 2016:



Contact Quo Vadis Communications for all your annual report needs. We are very skilled at managing the process and in addition can provide the following services:

 Call us now on +27 11 487 0026 or email us. We have provided these services to a number of organisations, companies and government entities.



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 Ladies from Accounting Standards Board and Crosshair productions at the Social Media Course conducted in June 2015

Ladies from Accounting Standards Board and Crosshare Productions during the one-day Social Media Course that took during 2015.

20 years ago Ruth Coggin, one Quo Vadis Communications' partners, was the organist at the inauguration of our first democratically elected state president, Nelson Mandela.

That colourful ceremony lives on in all our minds as we still work together to make the rainbow nation the kaleidoscope of opportunity it promised then and still does.

Our name, quo vadis, means “whither goest thou?” and we still have to ask that question about our beloved country. At quo vadis, our prayer is that the future will be bright for all our people, the haves and the have not’s, the powerful and those without power, the marginalised and those who work for them.

Viva South Africa. Viva! 

True brand activation:

It is not often that a client willingly publishes something and credits us. One of our recent clients shared an article written by Quo Vadis Communications. The article was written after attending the event and interviewing Dr Doug Mattheus, Cell C’s Executive Head of Marketing. The company published many articles by QVC and credited us, which we are grateful for.

Quo Vadis Communications ghost writes for many people, companies and organisations. Contact us on 0114870026 for all your PR, editorial and Brand Activiation needs

Click on the link to view the article that was shared:

Service Centre opens with a Phat bang!


At the end of our courses, we ask our participants to rate the course and give feedback that will assist us going forward. The following was received by Deborah Aremband of Nedbank Capital who attended our six-day Organisational Communication Course:


"I found the course to be very practical. As the saying goes: “If you read something you forget it, if you hear something you remember it, and if you do something you understand it”

That saying epitomises this course. We had to complete assignments based on what we had learnt and therefore left the course really understanding the work. We received extremely constructive feedback that enabled us to visibly improve within the few days of the course.

The course material is thorough and the Quo Vadis people that run the course are professional and have many years of experience. They are happy to share examples of every aspect of the course and this makes the various elements memorable.

I think this course may have taught me just as much in six days as my degree did in three years.

I would strongly recommend the course to anyone commencing work in the field of communications.

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Quo Vadis Communications offers everything you need to effectively communicate your business activities:

Mentoring and Consulting Services: With over 100 years' combined marketing communications experience amongst its creative staff, the company is able to call on an impressive body of knowledge. This places us in a unique position to advise and provide consulting to our clients on all aspects of communication. On an organisational level, our consulting services result in fresh approaches to business that provides vital ways of breaking through the clutter in the marketplace.

Writing:  Quo Vadis Communications offers a full editorial service. Its writing is much sought after in the industry. Highly skilled staff and strict quality controls ensure that the writing coming off its “presses” is of a superior nature. The company compiles, writes, edits and proofreads annual reports, books, business reports as well as media releases, articles, advertorials, editorials among others.

Media Liaison:  Quo Vadis Communications is the link between our clients and their publics. We provide a professional service that promotes our clients’ credibility and reputation. We have an enviable track record in aligning our clients’ needs, to the demands of the media. The result: excellent coverage for our clients’ key messages.

Public Relations:  Successful organisations know that efficient delivery of information is crucial to build and improve their reputation. At a time when reputational management and promotion are more important than ever, Quo Vadis has the experience and know–how to make the most of these opportunities.

Stakeholder Relations:  Quo Vadis assists its clients in identifying the nature and needs of their various stakeholders. It helps build rapport with such stakeholders, whether they be the client’s employees, customers, investors or voters.

Social Media: We are adept at creating content strategies, creating content itself and managing our client’s social media tools. We currently manage a host of client’s social media tools and through our interventions, have increased their following.

Communications Training:  Quo Vadis Communications offers communication-related courses throughout the year. These can be held in-house, or delegates can attend one of the courses that are regularly run in venues across the country.

Some of the courses offered are Organisational Communication; Individual Communication Skills (oral and written); Stakeholder Relations; Crisis Communication; Effective Internal Communication; Customer Interaction Skills; Media Liaison; Management of Organisational Reputation, Spokespersons’ Training and One-On-One Executive Coaching.

All courses are highly interactive and practical and cover periods from one to several days, depending on the course content or on the needs of the client. QVC will tailor its courses to meet a company’s specific needs and should a course required not be listed on our schedule, we will be happy to devise a customised solution.

To find out more about how you too can have your exact needs met by Quo Vadis Communications, contact us on +27 11 487 0026 or email