“In an industry of hot air merchants, it’s refreshing to encounter an oasis
of dependability and delivery.”

Clive Simpkins, South African communications' strategist

Quo Vadis offers first-class media liaison for its clients.

Quo Vadis offers first-class media liaison for its clients.

What we do

Quo Vadis Communications is a dynamic marketing communications consultancy servicing clients in the writing and editing fields, media liaison, organisational communication training and public relations. Our high level of service is rooted in our staff’s high work ethic and passion for their clients. Quo Vadis’ senior staff members have more than 100 years combined marketing and editorial experience.

Media Liaison

Public Relations


"The Long Walk for Rhino event at our school was a success. I believe all involved enjoyed themselves. I would therefore like to express my personal appreciation for the great job Quo Vadis Communications did. Had Quo Vadis not come into play I believe I would not have been able to get any assistance or media. Thank you very much for all your support and fantastic efforts."  Fudzai Fadzai, Robben Island School