Zelda Kooij holds her certficate for the customised course held at Nedbank. With her is Ruth Coggin of Quo Vadis.

Zelda Kooij holds her certificate after completing QVC's
Organisational Communication Course that was customised for the company


Some more comments from delegates who have attended our courses:

"The overall content of the course was helpful, educational, refreshing, exciting and inspirational. The tutor and facilitator's years of experience and the ability to draw from his own well of knowledge really helped," Namabelu Mvambo-Dandala, CEO Diakonia Durban.

"I would recommend this course (organisational communication) particularly to business people who author documents. I thought it was helpful to learn basic techniques to structure documents, look at word use and sentence construction." Jeanine Poggiolini, Accounting Standards Board.

"The course was one of the most informative interesting and mind expanding things I have ever done and the experienced and knowledgeable trainers really made it so special." Cindy Doubell, Southern African Methodist Communications.

"Your stakeholder course provides the tools for a more confident approach to stakeholder relations - especially with developing the background information without which this course is a daunting task. One of the most informative, confidence boosting courses I've attended yet. Had a great time!" Zakiya Fareed, Media and Stakeholder relations, SANParks.

"I would recommend the course to others because of the inter-activeness of the course," Reynold Thakuli, General Manager: Media, events and stakeholder relations, SANParks.

"A good combination between theory and practical," Mervyn Abrahams, PAC, Pietermartizburg.

"It makes me think 'out of the box' and therefore makes one realise that it is possible to think and write in many different ways." Tracy Duke, Accounting Standards Board.

I found this exciting, creative and stimulating. Thank you!” Karen Read, Diakonia,Durban.

“It is important to know the right principles of writing. I have learnt a lot. Appreciate it,” Candice Harper, Nedbank.

"I would recommend this course to someone who wants to grasp communication and the styles of how to write,” Jackie van Heerden, Nedbank

"The courses are really tailored to one's needs," Bongi Moyo-Bango, Johnnesburg.

"It is a must to people working in the NGO sector,” Bhekithemba Madodenzani  Butelezi, Esikhawini.