"Having worked with Quo Vadis for many years, I can safely say that there are three hallmarks of their product:
1) Professionalism and quality, 2) Quality and professionalism and 3) Professionalism and quality"
The late Dr Ivan May, former Chief Executive of 1485 Radio and doyen of marketers in Southern Africa



A word about our Hoopoe
A mythological poem tells of a special quest by a group of birds to rekindle life.
They are led by a hoopoe, who guides them in new ways to achieve their purpose.
In this spirit, Quo Vadis Communications will enable you to creatively communicate your message to your audiences.


Quo Vadis Communications CC (QVC) was founded as a niched editorial services specialist company in 1990 by Theo and Ruth Coggin who, with their vast experience within the corporate, training and civil society environments, have successfully grown the company to the respected entity that it is today.

QVC has never sought to be an over-the-top consultancy with prohibitively high fees to maintain fat cat overheads. We pride ourselves on being a WYSIWYG company – “what you see is what you get”. We work from small comfortable offices in a sylvan setting in the historic suburb of Observatory in Johannesburg. Our hallmark of service is a high work rate and ethic, integrity and loyalty, and quality of service.

Theo joined QVC in 1996 after a highly successful career spanning work in broadcast and print journalism, civil society, and with blue-chip corporates. His last position was head of corporate communications for one of South Africa’s big four banking groups, Nedcor (now Nedbank). The scope of work offered by QVC broadened as a result of his experience when he joined the company fulltime in 1996.

Through the years, the company has grown from strength to strength. Leveraging off the skills and experience of its principals, the company has a proud record of achievements on behalf of its clients.

A primary reason for the company’s success – apart from its unswerving commitment to providing optimal quality of service – is its strategic intent. It applies this to every client whom it has the privilege of serving and naturally also to itself.

Quo Vadis recognises that successful communications for any organisation must have strategy as its foundation. Communication is so clearly a dynamic imperative in everything we do that strategy must also be alive to the demands of change in the Digital Information Age in which we all operate.

Consequently QVC reassesses its core activities regularly to ensure that it continues to offer the right services to its clients. But one thing has never changed; Theo and Ruth’s meticulous attention to detail. Quo Vadis identifies strongly therefore with the wise words of Ed Murrow, the renowned broadcaster and journalist: “the newest computer can merely compound, at speed, the oldest problem in the relations between human beings, and in the end the communicator will be confronted with the old problem, of what to say and how to say it.”

Strict quality control measures ensure that whatever is released by the company is of a superior nature. Quo Vadis has established an enviable reputation for its editorial services and its writing is much sought after.